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Masonry Cord - Application and Use

Masonry cord is a useful tool when placing aerated concrete blocks.

Correctly placing aerated concrete blocks is essential for a plumb and stable wall. The use of masonry cord in combination with adjusting profiles is a common practice to ensure that the wall is erected straight, level and according to the correct dimensions. Here are the steps for using masonry cord:

  1. Adjustable profiles and stellates:

    • Place adjusting profiles at strategic points according to the required specifications of the project.
    • Use adjusting slats to keep the adjusting profile in the correct position. Make sure that the adjusting profiles are straight and level.
  2. Applying masonry cord:

    • Attach the masonry cord horizontally to the adjusting profile with a tension block. The masonry cord serves as a reference for placing the aerated concrete blocks and ensures a straight line.
  3. Additional Profiles and Expansion Joints:

    • If necessary, place additional profiles between adjusting profiles, especially for wider works. This can be useful where expansion joints are being considered.
  4. Indicate layer size:

    • Mark the layer size on the adjusting profile, which indicates the height of each layer of aerated concrete blocks. Make sure that this measurement is equal and level on all adjusting profiles.
  5. Adjust Height with Rubber Hammer:

    • To adjust the top of the aerated concrete blocks to the correct height, use a rubber mallet. Use this to gently tap the blocks into the aerated concrete adhesive.
  6. Clamping block for masonry cord:

    • The masonry cord can be attached to the masonry profiles with a clamping block. This ensures a firm attachment of the cord.

Using the masonry cord in this way allows you to work accurately and ensure that the aerated concrete wall is built to the desired specifications. The masonry cord serves as a visual reference and helps prevent misalignment or unevenness in the wall construction.

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