EPS Plate 1000x250x40mm

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Product description

With these EPS plates you can close the top layer of the cavity wall. This product is often used in combination with our new insulation system with EPS granules. The insulation granules are poured between the outer wall and the aerated concrete inner wall. The upper part cannot be filled with the loose EPS Beads because they will then fall out of the cavity wall. Therefore, these EPS plates can be used as so-called closing plates. These insulation plates are individually removable, so you always have just the right amount. This prevents unnecessary waste when insulating your home, garage or office, which saves costs and contributes to a better environment.

How can you insulate your house from the inside? With our insulation system you can easily insulate your house from the inside. This means that insulation is carried out from the outside facade inwards. We have different thicknesses in our range. Depending on the thickness of the insulation system, an aerated concrete wall is placed. This will be a few centimeters away from the outer wall, creating an open space, also called the cavity. The EPS beads are used in the cavity. This happens while the wall is being raised. With every 2 layers that are placed, the cavity can be filled with the EPS beads. The top 25 cm of the cavity cannot be filled with EPS beads because the beads will then fall out. That is why the last 25 cm of the cavity is filled with an insulation board.

Insulating your home Nowadays, energy prices are one of the largest household costs. By reducing this you can save a significant amount of costs. You can do this by insulating your home with our insulation system. These are available in different thicknesses, so there is a solution for every home. In addition, all our insulation systems are removable per square meter, which means you can order exactly what you need, resulting in less waste and therefore lower costs. An additional advantage is that together we relieve the burden on the environment and emit less CO2.

Important to know With this insulation system it is important to know that the opening that is filled with insulation, the cavity, must be airtight. So make sure that all cracks and seams are sealed with pur. This creates a solid construction that cannot allow air to enter, which prevents condensation.

Specifications EPS Plates

  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Thickness: 40mm

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