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Aerated concrete 15cm: Excellent Insulation for Every Job

Aerated concrete of 15 cm is made from 100% inorganic raw materials, such as cement, lime and sand. Thanks to the cellular structure of aerated concrete, filled with stagnant air, HplusH aerated concrete blocks of 15 cm thick offer a high insulating capacity. This light building material combines high load-bearing capacity with excellent thermal insulating and acoustic properties. HplusH Aerated Concrete is the ideal solution for both small and large construction projects, such as new-build homes, conversions, extensions or renovations.

What is Aerated Concrete? H+H Aerated concrete is produced from natural raw materials, including quartz sand, cement, and water, mixed with a cell-forming substance. The resulting mixture is poured into molds and allowed to rise, creating air bubbles. This is what aerated concrete owes its insulating properties to. After leaving the mold, the materials are cut into different sizes, such as aerated concrete blocks of 15 cm thick, lintels, floor-to-ceiling panels, and reinforced wall, roof and floor elements. After autoclaving, the material acquires definitive properties, such as heat and sound insulation, and a lightweight structure.

Multifunctional Construction Product: HplusH aerated concrete blocks, also called aerated concrete blocks, are a versatile construction product suitable for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures in various buildings, including houses, offices and shops. The light weight and compact shape make the block easy to handle. A commonly used size is 60x20x15 cm with a thickness of 15 cm. In addition, the block contributes to energy savings, comfort and safety, thanks to the highly insulating and fire-resistant properties of the aerated concrete. HplusH aerated concrete blocks are available in various sizes and qualities, including G2/350 for a high insulation value, G4/550 for common applications, and G6/650 for extra sound insulation. Round aerated concrete blocks from HplusH offer creative possibilities in combination with the straight blocks.

Specifications H+H Aerated Concrete Blocks 15cm:

  • Length: 60cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Thickness: 15 cm
  • Quality class: G4/550 PP4-0.55 C4/550
  • Weight class: 525 kg per m3 (±25 kg)
  • Compressive strength: 5.16 N/mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.131 λ(W/mk)
  • Version: Tongue and groove with handles
  • Consumption per m2: 8.33 pieces
  • Consumption of glue per m2: 3.60 kg
  • Quantity per pallet: 80 pieces
  • M2 per pallet: 9.60 m2
  • M3 per pallet: 1,440 m3
  • Kg per pallet: 1066 kg
  • EAN Number: 4015830017155
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