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by Marco Janssen on Jul 24, 2023

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Buy aerated concrete blocks online

Aerated concrete blocks have several names. For example, they are often called aerated concrete blocks. The blocks that are sold in the Cellenbeton Webshop webshop have a good high quality.

What exactly are aerated concrete blocks?

Aerated concrete blocks are very powerful, lightweight and easy to process. Basically, aerated concrete is an industrially produced material that has stone-like properties.

Due to the countless cells that are filled with air, aerated concrete is very lightweight and has good insulating values. The high heat-insulating values ​​ensure that aerated concrete is actually insulation and building material in one.

If you still want to add extra insulation material, you can always contact us!

Building aerated concrete blocks

The blocks can be processed with the block adhesive for aerated concrete and sand-lime brick. If you want to mount the blocks between existing walls, you can use the handy wall spring anchors. You can attach these anchors to both the existing wall and the aerated concrete block. In this way, the partition wall becomes extra sturdy.

Do you want to create a load-bearing structure? Then choose a block with a thickness of at least 10 cm. Blocks of this thickness are strong enough to make a bearing wall. Always check with your structural engineer whether the aerated concrete blocks are suitable for your desired construction.

For load-bearing constructions that you can glue, you can also look at our sand-lime brick products.

Different sizes of aerated concrete

At Cellenbeton Blokken Bouwmaterialen we sell the most commonly used formats of aerated concrete. The length is standard 500mm or 600mm (50cm or 60cm). Our most sold aerated concrete block is the aerated concrete block 60x10x40cm. It is suitable for load-bearing constructions and is quite large, which is why it is the most sold.

If you are not yet sure which material you want to use, we recommend that you take a look at the sand-lime brick glue blocks or the sand-lime brick chamfer blocks. You can glue these and use them for load-bearing walls indoors.

All the advantages of aerated concrete

  • Excellent insulation: Due to the microscopic air bubbles in the aerated concrete, the blocks have excellent insulation values ​​for both heat and sound.
  • Easy to process: The blocks are light in weight and at the same time large in size. This makes it easy to quickly build a wall using glue.
  • High load-bearing capacity: The blocks have a high load-bearing capacity and can even be used for load-bearing structures. For this, take at least the blocks of 10 cm and always ask for advice from a structural engineer.
  • Non-combustible: Aerated concrete blocks are non-combustible and retain their shape in the event of a fire. This makes this product very fireproof.
  • Durable: Aerated concrete is very durable. These products have a long lifespan and you can therefore build with them for the long term.
  • Environmentally conscious: The aerated concrete products are also very environmentally conscious. For example, energy from wind turbines and solar panels is used for the production process.