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Bump cap: Safety and Visibility in the Workplace

A bump cap, also known as a safety cap, provides extra protection during work and is often worn in situations where a full safety helmet is not required. However, it is important to note that a bump cap is not a substitute for an official safety helmet. The bump cap is designed to provide protection against bumps and light impacts in the workplace.

Features of the Bump Cap:

  • Protection: Provides protection against bumps and light impacts.
  • Safety: Can be used in locations where a full safety helmet is not required.
  • Compatibility: Often used in conjunction with Pet Lights for improved visibility, especially in reduced light environments.

Please note: Although the bump cap provides additional protection, for specific work environments where a full safety helmet is required, appropriate protective equipment must be worn.

For improved visibility while wearing the bump cap, the use of Pet Lights may be recommended. This combination contributes to a safer working environment, especially in limited lighting conditions.

Working safely starts with the right protective equipment. Always wear the necessary safety equipment for your specific job.

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