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Fischer GB 10 Plug - Strong Fixing in Aerated Concrete!

Application of the Fischer GB 10 Plug: The Fischer GB 10 Plug is a special plug designed for various mountings in aerated concrete. With its optimal pressure distribution and high retention value, this plug is a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

Instructions for use Fischer GB 10 Plug:

  1. Drill a 10 mm hole in the aerated concrete.
  2. Place the plug in the drill hole using a hammer. During driving, the plug tightens into the aerated concrete.
  3. Screw the screw into the plug and tighten it well, but not too tight.
  4. Use a screw diameter of 5 to 6 mm for optimal performance.

With the Fischer GB 10 Plug you are assured of a sturdy and safe mounting in aerated concrete. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the plug is installed correctly and the desired mounting value is achieved. This plug is ideal for various situations where reliable fastenings in aerated concrete are required.

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