Glue trowel 6mm

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Glue trowel 6mm - Application with Aerated concrete adhesive and Tile adhesive

The 6 mm gluing trowel is a handy tool that is specifically used for distributing aerated concrete adhesive on the joint of aerated concrete blocks. Here are the details:

  • Application with Aerated Concrete Glue: The 6 mm gluing trowel is ideal for distributing aerated concrete glue on the joint of thicker aerated concrete blocks, especially blocks from 300 mm thick. The aerated concrete adhesive is usually first applied to the ribbon joint with an adhesive trowel and then evenly distributed with the adhesive trowel. This ensures a consistent layer thickness and good adhesion of the blocks.

  • Application with tile adhesive: In addition to use with aerated concrete adhesive, the 6 mm trowel can also be used for applying tile adhesive. This makes it a versatile tool useful in various construction and tiling jobs.

For best results it is important to use the correct tools for the specific application. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and ensure the tool is clean and well maintained before reuse.

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